Kyle Tran Myhre’s NOT A LOT OF REASONS TO SING, BUT ENOUGH (2022, Button Poetry) is a sci-fi-flavored exploration of the role that art and artists play in resisting authoritarianism.

Featuring poems, essays, theater elements, and Casper Pham‘s stunning visual art, the book follows two wandering poets as they make their way from village to village, across a prison colony moon full of exiled rebels, robots, and storytellers.

Part post-apocalyptic road journal, part alternate universe ode to Hip Hop, and part “Letters to a Young Poet”-style toolkit for emerging poets and aspiring movement-builders, it’s also a one-of-a-kind practitioners’ take on poetry, power, and possibility.

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  • “A clear, fantastical, urgent excavation of the self and the crumbling pillars of the structures that surround us.” -Blythe Baird, author of If My Body Could Speak
  • “[Tran Myhre] rattles, resists, and reimagines the reach and convention of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.” -Joseph Capehart, poet & educator
  • “In these pages you will find artists and rebels and troublemakers, and they will break your heart wide open.” -Trung Le Nguyen, artist and author of The Magic Fish
  • Not a Lot of Reasons to Sing, But Enough is aimed towards aspiring artists. It digs into the art they make, and how it can be used to tear down antiquated notions of supremacy and fascism… we should consider this book another tool to help artists tailor their art to help reimagine the world.” (Ali Elabbady, The Current)
  • “Kyle Tran Myhre’s form-bending new book explores grief, community and resistance.” (Sheila Regan, MinnPost)
  • “Like finding a journal on the side of the road [this book] shadows themes that question community safety, social justice and public health in an overtly personal and real context.” (Carly Quast, MN Daily)
  • “Odd and extraordinary” (The Girl Who Reads review)
  • “The distance created by the found fiction/quasi-epistolary sci-fi setting opens a door to exploring those topics in a way that feels cathartic rather than painful.” (Snap Book review)
  • “Highly recommended if you care about social issues and are interested in influential art.” (Paper.Back.Reader review)
  • “Imaginative and inspiring, structured brilliantly.” (Amanda Cino review)
  • “Subtly weaves in lessons on poetry while touching upon so many of the issues we face in today’s society (but set in a futuristic dystopian society) all while adding strong threads of hope and positivity throughout.” (Lady in Read Writes review)

SOLD OUT: The first 250 people to order the book will receive three limited-edition 5×7 prints featuring quotes from the book + exclusive artwork from Casper Pham, Fontlove Studio and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE. The prints are also postcards—add some of your own poetry on the back, and send it to someone you care about!