(March 1, 2022, Button Poetry)

Kyle Tran Myhre’s NOT A LOT OF REASONS TO SING, BUT ENOUGH is a sci-fi-flavored exploration of the role that art and artists play in resisting authoritarianism.

Featuring new poems, theater elements, and Casper Pham‘s stunning visual art, the book follows two wandering poets as they make their way from village to village, across a prison colony moon full of exiled rebels, robots, and storytellers.

Part post-apocalyptic road journal, part alternate universe ode to Hip Hop, and part “Letters to a Young Poet”-style toolkit for emerging poets and aspiring movement-builders, it’s also a one-of-a-kind practitioners’ take on poetry, power, and possibility.

The first 250 people to pre-order the book will receive three limited-edition 5×7 prints featuring quotes from the book + exclusive artwork from Casper Pham, Fontlove Studio and SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE. The prints are also postcards—add some of your own poetry on the back, and send it to someone you care about!

Click the image below to watch an hour-long PREVIEW of the new book, including three brand-new poems, commentary, and more!