Over the years, I’ve tried to use my website not just as a place to display my own work, but as an archive of tools and resources for others, too. This page collects some of the resources I’ve put together related to spoken word. These first three links are potential starting points:

poem for the first day of the poetry unit in language arts class
ten things everyone should know about spoken word and slam poetry
resources for emerging and aspiring poets

“Poem for the First Day of the Poetry Unit in Language Arts Class” is a specific poem I wrote to address those “why are we even talking about poetry?” questions. For me, it contextualizes all of the other resources on this page. “Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Spoken Word and Slam Poetry” is an essay aimed at dispelling some common misconceptions and stereotypes about the culture. “Resources for Emerging and Aspiring Poets” is a zine I wrote sharing a bunch of the tools I wish I had had when I was first getting started. From there, a few more links:

playlist: spoken word poem videos for educators
playlist: all of KTM/guante's spoken word videos
the three notes I share with 99.9% of the people who ask for feedback on their poems

“PLAYLIST: Spoken Word Poem Videos for Educators” is an ongoing project: a list of 100+ spoken word videos that have been useful to me in educational settings, from high school poetry classes, to social justice trainings, and beyond. “PLAYLIST: All of KTM/Guante’s Spoken Word Videos” is just that. I’m just one poet, of course, but if you’re at my website already, hopefully you can find something useful in my work.

Finally, “The Three Notes I Share with 99.9% of the People Who Ask For Feedback on Their Poems” isn’t actually up on the site yet. My plan is to make it available here someday, but for now, curious people will have to pick up my book to read it.


One last note: I facilitate in-person or virtual workshops and classes on creative writing. Here in MN, I’m on the rosters of both COMPAS and TruArtSpeaks, and you can also contact me directly via my booking page for more information on bringing me to your school, conference, or other event. And while I love dropping in for one-time class visits, here are two examples of longer-term virtual classes I’ve worked on recently: