Opine Season: Catching Up – On Racism, Language, Poetry, Privilege, Activism and More

I’ve been writing a weekly/bi-weekly column for MN-based op-ed co-op Opine Season since March (along with Ricardo Levins Morales, Kao Kalia Yang, Vina Kay and more). I usually re-post them here, but I’ve been so busy with new videos, new music, events and other stuff that I’ve let a few slip by. Just wanted to catch up:

How to Completely Miss the Point in a Conversation About Racism
The day after the Zimmerman verdict, I wrote a piece about white people and anti-racism that got a couple hundred thousand hits and a ton of comments. This piece is the follow-up to that, meant to address some of the critical comments and move the conversation forward.

In Defense of the “PC Police”
If you’ve seen my “A Visit from the PC Police” video, this piece contains a few supplemental thoughts on the power and importance of language.

Both Sides of the “Is Poetry Dead” Debate Miss the Big Picture
Another piece in what feels like an endless series of essays by me trying to position spoken-word as an art form and cultural movement that, you know, matters.

Let’s Vision: What Can the Arts/Activism Scene in the Twin Cities Look Like?
I’m interested in using my column to share thoughts, but also be a platform for you to share yours as well. Check out my ideas about some things I’d like to see our scene do more or do better, and leave some thoughts of your own.

Think Twice Before Telling People to “Shut Up About Miley Cyrus”
On Miley Cyrus, Macklemore, Robin Thicke and why the so-called “little things,” the pop culture moments that everyone gets up in arms about, really do matter.

BONUS: I also reviewed Earl Sweatshirt’s “Doris” over at Reviler.

More to come. Check out my full Opine Season archive here.