New Song, Free Download: LETTER OF RESIGNATION (Produced by Katrah-Quey)

This is the second song I’ve made with Katrah-Quey, a producer whom I’ve been following for a long time. It was great to finally get to work with him. Here’s the other one we made together, also a free download.

Thought about calling this “A Pragmatist’s Guide to Nihilism,” but this title was too perfect. Please share if you like it.

Lyrics after the jump:

Letter of Resignation

I’m not naturally a nihilist
but I can hear it, I just can’t explain what the science is
I can hear it humming in the depths, the drone
The melody of emptiness, the music of black holes

You want me to wear a name tag
when someday I’ll no longer be moving?
You want me to punch in on time
when the heat death of the universe is looming?
You want me to do the dishes
when ancient gods consider us less than slime?
You want me to smile at the customers?
Sorry boss I got bigger things on my mind

A million years in the future,
alien archaeologists are digging up the mall of america
My skeleton is laughing hysterically,
poetry carved into my bones very carefully
Apparently the instruments tickle;
takin’ flight like a paper kite on sonic vibrations and laser light
They will scan every inch of my remains
and take mental notes with their big computer brains
They might find that I stood about five-nine
and weighed about 90 kilograms while alive
They might find that my skull cavity
was just big enough to fit a bunch of fantasies
and a capacity for imagining something better
than the circumstances that my senses could register
And if they look into my skull’s steady gaze
they might find the pocketful of fucks I never gave

You want me to wipe the countertop?
Have you even thought about the vast emptiness we’re immersed in?
You want me to tuck my shirt in
when our victories are hollow and our doom is certain?
Where is the god who created burger king
and if he’s so powerful why can’t i get a raise?
You want me to come in on saturday?
sorry boss i got bigger things on my plate

So when you ask me about my plan B
I just hope you can see why I’m laughing
Y’all are scared of the bill collector
I’m scared of the immensity of space/time
I’m scared of my propensity to waste time
on stuff like bein’ scared, I’d run but there’s nowhere to escape time
and that’s why I took a lotta break time
‘Cause who cares if customers are impatient:
our whole existence is a millisecond in infinity
so they can hurry up and get to waitin’ I’m sayin’ you want
me for your workforce or whatever?
Picture me givin’ a damn; I said pass what you owe me
for this whole week and i’m gone
on some homie, see you when we reach the beyond
if there is one… daydreams are insidious
when the architexture of your heart is non-euclidian