New Song: “No Quits Till” by Jared Paul x Ceschi x Guante

“I don’t believe that the song/ is all we have to offer; I believe the singers are strong.”

That line captures a lot of what I think when people ask me about the role of artists in social movements. It’s all part of this brand new track from Jared Paul’s new album featuring both me and Ceschi Ramos (I’m the second verse). Pre-order his album here via Sole’s Black Box Tapes label. Jared and Ceschi have both been real leaders when it comes to radical, DIY poetry and hip hop, so it’s cool that we got this chance to do a song together.

More new music soon; if you missed it, here’s a link to “White People on Twitter,” the first track from the upcoming Guante & Katrah-Quey project.