Scum & Villainy present: MEGATONGUES

New music! 10 emcees, singers, poets, DJs & producers from 3 states RUNNING AMOK.

I’m excited to share this new project, helmed by production duo Scum & Villainy (two longtime friends and collaborators, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE and Rube); I’m featured on six of the seventeen tracks, and it was so much fun to just share some verses (and a poem) and see how they ended up contributing to the actual songs.

The whole album is beautiful, in that it’s intentionally chaotic. The soundscapes, the multiple voices, the concepts—it all adds up to something that reminds me of my own entry point into Hip Hop: deeply collaborative, off-kilter, against-the-grain music from acts like Goodie Mob, Wu-Tang, De La Soul, and beyond. Not that this actually sounds anything like those groups, haha; it’s more about the spirit of it.

Get it on Bandcamp, and/or stream it wherever you listen to music.

A few personal highlights:

  • From track 3: We pledge allegiance to no nation, only the land underneath it / The reason, the culture that we breathe in / No banners, borders, or binaries to believe in…
  • From track 6: Now I’m full hearts, new mission before me / Future’s so bright we’re forced to share a photosensitivity warning
  • From track 12: They put the pedal to the metal and were gone, runnin’ free / But me, I’d rather meddle in some petals like a honey bee / And stay rooted and in tune with the hive / That scum and villainy vibe, that criminal life / of rhythm and rhyme when powers that be want want us to shut up / We use the power of bees, like buzz buzz buzz / Best line I ever wrote / won’t be taking questions, the comment section’s closed…
  • Also, tracks 4 and 9 feature reworked versions of poems from my book.
Ladies and gentlemen, friends of ALL genders: Welcome to the year of no surrender - guante
press any button to begin
as long as it’s not skip

Let’s clip through every wall, 
every border

  Our allegiance   
  is to the bugs 
  not the bosses

Player one take no losses, 
and give no quarter - guante
this is a love song,
a death rattle, a battle cry

  this is the ugly truth   
  instead of a beautiful lie

this is the point of the performance:

   they want us to forget it
  but fire is the   
  language we
  were born with - guante

Thanks to everyone checking it out. More new music on the way…