Two big links: I’m featured on Upworthy again, PLUS the Ganzobean remix of “Limb from Limb” with Dem Atlas

Two big updates, even if they don’t have much to do with one another.

“The Family Business” is probably the best spoken-word piece I have. Following in the footsteps of my poem “Ten Responses to the Phrase Man Up,” it’s been featured at Upworthy. Grateful for the signal boost. I like to think that the title of the post is actually about me, and not the character in the poem, haha.

Also, wildly talented producer Ganzobean (Musab, Abstract Rude, etc.) took a crack at remixing the Sifu Hotman song “Limb from Limb” and it’s a banger– and a FREE DOWNLOAD. Listen to me and Dem Atlas (who just signed to Rhymesayers, in case you haven’t heard) get venomous. The beat changeup when the third verse hits is just gorgeous. I got another song or two with Ganzo coming soon, not to mention another song or two with Rube, who produced the OG version!

I think my favorite part of this update is looking at how different these two pieces of art are. It’s good to keep your listeners on their toes I guess. Any re-posts, shares, links, etc. of EITHER piece are greatly appreciated!